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5 Reasons To Think About Assessment At The Start Of Your IT Career

IT Career – Reasons to think about assessment

Do you want to be a Data Scientist? But you’re not sure if that is the course for you. After all, not everyone likes mathematics and statistics. Are you worried about making the wrong IT Career decision?

Your friend says that Mechanical jobs are in demand right now. But you don’t want to learn that. Your family says that Computer Science is the only way to make money; you’re not too sure about that either. You’re confused and upset.

We are in a world where development and progress happen overnight. AI models are getting better every day and career security is at an all-time low. It gets confusing to think about career choices. With so many different courses and programs available, we get worried about making the ‘right’ choice. A job that was in demand last year is no longer an option today.

One of the most important decisions you make in life is your IT Career. An average professional spends 9+ hours a day working. Your career stays with you for life. So it’s important to choose a career that is a mix of:

      • What you’re happy working on

      • What you’re best at doing

      • What enables you to earn a high pay

    There is no perfect balance, but there are ways to ensure that you get the best of all three. A very good way to do that is by taking up IT Career assessment tests.


    IT Career assessments are little tests with questions anywhere from 50 to 100 questions. It tests your aptitude, verbal skills, your potential to code and more. They help in identifying:

        • Areas of strengths

        • Areas of weakness

        • Communication skills

        • Analytical skills

        • Interests

        • Skills


          • You get a better understanding of yourself.

        Not knowing what you’re good at or what you’d like to do limits your choices.  IT Career assessments offer you a deeper understanding of yourself and your skills. It highlights your strengths, which you can use to your advantage and have a successful career. This also allows for you to improve on your weaknesses.  

            • You save time

          Some choose a random course, find it difficult to study and end up at a job where they’re unhappy.

          A IT Career change after a long time in a certain field is possible but not easy. It requires a lot of re-learning and effort. You lose all the experience you had in the previous job when you start a new career.

          IT Career assessments reduce the countless hours spent thinking over various choices. It simplifies the selection process. By examining your strong suits and your interests, you are offered various career choices. These choices would provide you with job satisfaction, the possibility of career advancement, and a good salary pack.

              • You gain confidence

            When you explore your strengths and know with certainty that you are good at what you do, you gain an immediate rise in confidence. This confidence helps you to improve and allows you to study and work better. You can apply to jobs and walk into interviews with confidence. Your work becomes something you enjoy doing. You can also identify your areas of interest and develop extra skills related to them.

                • You are offered choices that are best for you.

              The test eliminates a lot of frustration over choosing careers that might not suit you. You are advised to choose jobs that need your skills. Jobs that aren’t ideal for your skill set are eliminated and this streamlines the selection process. You are offered a variety of career choices.

              IT Career assessments expose you to options that you might not have known of. Options that you didn’t think of before can be given attention once more.

                  • You get confirmation

                You’ve already decided on your IT Career and just want to know if you’ve made the right choice. Taking up a career assessment test can guarantee that you’ve made the correct decision. You can have peace knowing that you made the right decision. It never hurts to have a professional opinion when it comes to important decisions. 

                If you’re self-aware, the test will give you confirmation of how well you understand yourself.


                IT Career assessment tests are great tools that are useful and efficient. Using them at the start of your career journey would save you a lot of time and help you to upskill yourself. To help you start, we offer KAT (KGiSL Microcollege Assessment Test) at absolutely no cost. You did read that right. It’s free!

                Based on the AON assessment tests, our KATs are made up of 50 questions spaced over 7 categories. It requires an hour of your time and then gives a complete and apt assessment of your skill set. You can take it online or at our centers with our trainers.

                Understand yourself, your prospects, and your future today! 

                Register now without delay!

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