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Short term courses consequence of getting caught lying on your resume

When Your Resume Lies

Resume – We’re warned, “Don’t lie on your resume!”. We’re told that our lies have consequences, but we still lie. Exaggerations of the truth have become common. Lying that you were the head of a large project or saying that you have 10 years of experience when you’re just a fresher are things we’ve all done. Lying on our resumes has become the norm everywhere to everyone.

Why do we lie on our resume?

We know it’s wrong to lie on our resumes, but we still do it. Why do we do that?


    • We fear that we’re not good enough, or that we don’t know enough. 

    • We doubt ourselves and our ability to do a good job. 

    • Our feelings of inferiority are often the root causes of why we make up all these lies.

But we’ve all felt the guilt that comes along with the lies, an uneasy sense that you’re not being genuine. You feel terrible about the lies, you don’t want anyone to know you’ve lied, you’re guilty and you don’t want to be.

Our lies seem safe and like a certain way to get a job. In such a competitive world, it is hard to remain true to both yourself and your employers. We would do anything to get a stable, well-paying job, even if it means to say a few lies. 

The outcomes of lying on your resume

What exactly happens when you lie on your resume? What are the consequences?


    •  If found to be lying on your resume, the bond of trust between the employer and the employee will be broken.

    • Severe damage can occur to your reputation. This can cause difficulties when applying for other jobs.

    • Employers can fire you or dismiss your contract with them.

    • You might make it through the first round of interviews, but your lies will certainly be discovered either during the technical rounds or during the screening process.

    • Your interviewers can look over your records that oppose the lies on your resume.

    • When it’s time to come face to face with a room full of interviewers, all our skills for lying disappear. The lies become harmful.

    • When put to test, our weaknesses take the spotlight and our strengths take a backseat. 

    • Careful answers go out the window when we’re faced with questions we haven’t prepared for. Our lies fail, and we lose. 

    • Attacks on our resume of lies leads to our confidence, will and esteem to run low.

 Take this opportunity to become the amazing professional listed on your resume. Get sought after by executives. Be confident with your skillset and your resume.

Here’s where upskilling comes in. Upskilling is the learning of additional skills. Getting better at the field you are in is made easier by taking up certification programs. Beginning a new and successful career is possible with a few, effective courses.

Become a better you, someone who’s resume is an impressive truth!

Be the best!

So exactly what happens when you take the leap to become better?


    • Better opportunities and better job offers will come a-calling.

    • You will be sought after and qualified as a true professional with an impressive resume.

    • When your resume is true, your confidence, your effort and your work will speak volumes on your behalf.

    • You will have confidence and pride in the person you will grow to be.

    • You will need no lies to get you to the top of ladders. You will no longer hesitate and be anxious leading up to your interviews.

    • When you hand over your resume, you will have peace.

A better you –TODAY!

In this digital age, nothing is too far out of reach. Whether it’s through immersive bootcamp programs or taking up certification courses, quality education can happen in the comfort of your room. Your upskilling is in your hands!

We here at KGiSL Microcollege are in the business of changing lives, one course and one person at a time. We wish to be the catalyst of success and victory in your lives.

Be an inspiration for others to be better. Opportunity, success and knowledge are waiting! Make the choice!

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