Privacy Policy

1. KGiSL MicroCollege (KGM) is committed to maintaining your privacy and the use of your personal information. If at any stage you have a question regarding the personal information that we hold on file, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. KGiSL MicroCollege (KGM) will not disclose personal information to a third party organisation unless we have your prior consent to provide this or you have opted to allow the use of your personal information in the pursuit of performance and delivery of our service to you. If the request for your personal information is for a legal purpose, this we would class as an exception, but only after we have 100% fully verified the name or organisation requesting your personal details.

3. It is our commitment not to collect personal information from Clients visiting our website unless they have voluntarily submitted their personal information via one of our contact forms that requires information that could be based on an enquiry or to book onto a training course. If you start to complete a contact enquiry form and decide not to finish, partial details are stored from where KGiSL MicroCollege (KGM) may use this information to make contact with you, only to discuss your initial enquiry that was started but not finished. From time to time, KGiSL MicroCollege (KGM) may contact you to inform you about a specific future training programme. Visitor IP addresses may be seen by KGiSL MicroCollege (KGM) and on some occasions, the provider's host name but this information will not disclose your identity.

4. By submitting our web form, you agree to receive promotional calls on the number shared, and such calls and SMS would be coming from a third-party platform.