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Professional Certification in Web Development

Web Development

Learn web development the design thinking way
Online Course

Guaranteed Interviews

What makes Web Development the right career?

What do AI-tools mean for Web Development

Web Development Careers: Navigating the Diverse Landscape

Mastering Specializations: Finding Your Niche in Web Development

The job readiness program.

01 / Fundamentals

You will learn the technical fundamentals, including HTML, CSS and Git.

02 / Web Design

You will learn to design and develop layouts and responsive web designs.

03 / Dev Tools

We teach to work with tools of the trade- JavaScript, ReactJS, Postman API, Adobe and more.

04 / Test & Deploy

Will guide how to test and deploy websites that wow your clients.

Success stories to inspire yours

A robust and industry-specific curriculum designed with beginners in mind.

Take A Look At Our Syllabus

Explore Our Curriculum: A Comprehensive Overview of Our Syllabus

Start from the very basic- how to build a simple webpage using HTML.

Next, learn how you could level up your webpage using CSS.

Get a hold of front-end development framework, Bootstrap to create mobile-first websites.

Learn to add complex features to your website using JavaScript. 

Learn ReactJS to simplify the process of adding interactive UX into your websites.

Get a thorough grounding in designing using Photoshop- from the basic tools and where to use them to full-fledged website designing.

Learn how to create vector graphics using Illustrator for everything from infographics to logos. 

Get a thorough understanding of UI & UX concepts. Learn to apply these concepts using Figma.

Learn to use WordPress for creating and managing user-friendly websites.

Get your database fundamentals in order and learn to apply these concepts using the popular MySQL.

Download Syllabus to know more

Seamless Learning Experience

Tools You'll Master

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver







React JS

React JS


Corel Draw

Corel Draw

Adobe illustrator

Adobe illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign

Enhance your Web Development proficiency with premier tools and frameworks preferred by industry leaders.

Still have a question? Browse syllabus or contact us.

Exclusives for extra edge.

Resources that come with the program to up your job-skills.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Hard skills are why they hire you. Soft skills are why they keep you. We equip you with both.

Interview Prep

Interview Prep

It’s not just ‘tell me about yourself’ and a shiny resume. We cover everything from dress code and etiquette to mock interview.

Interview Guarantee

Interview Guarantee

A dedicated team will get you 10 guaranteed interviews with the right employers to launch your web development career. Even if you don’t land your job in these first 10 interviews, we will continue our interview assistance for a year.

Career Support

Career Support

Even after you start your career, your reliable mentors are always here for you.

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Your questions, Answered

Ideally, the program duration is 110 days. However, the course can be extended for a few more days if you feel the need for extra support. 

This is a beginner-friendly web development course. Hence, we don’t expect you to already have a background (though, a background would give you an edge). But we recommend completing your graduation (employers are particular about this criteria) before joining the course and seeking employment. Of course, we value those with a passion for web development and learning in general. 

Yes. We call it the KAT test- an AON assessment that identifies your strong points and job readiness. We use this information to map your course. If you do well in the KAT test, you could win a scholarship to this job-readiness program.