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Full stack developer

Full Stack Developer: Why Choose this Career in 2024?

“Full stack developer” – a job title that is quickly becoming popular among graduates.

“Full stack developer” is a job title that is quickly becoming popular among graduates. At the same time, Statista asked recruiters, “What is the most in-demand IT job in the world?” A majority replied: full stack developers and full stack engineers. Moreover, the number of full stack development jobs has grown by 35% since 2015 and this demand is only expected to continue throughout 2024 and beyond. So, why is full stack development becoming a top career choice- let’s explore.

Who is a full stack developer?

A website or an app has 3 parts: 

  • Front end – this is the part of websites and apps that the users see and interact with. It is a combination of visual design, layout, and functionality. Front-end development involves use of languages like HTML (for structuring), CSS (for styling, and JavaScript (for interactivity), and frameworks and libraries like React.js and Angular. 
  • Back end – this is the part that works behind the scenes. It handles the data processing, and other server-side operations. It includes the server, databases, application logic, APIs, and more. Back-end development involves use of languages like Java and Python, along with frameworks like Django and Express.js.
  • Database (that stores all the data like login credentials). This is the infrastructural part of websites and apps. It handles data storage, management, and retrieval. It depends on Database Management Systems like MySQL and MongoDB to make data available for smooth back-end operations.

Full stack developers are the developers who can work on all three parts. They are the all-rounders among web developers. As a full stack developer, you would work on the website from the start to the finish, with a big-picture view of the project.

A full stack developer needs coding, deployment, UI/UX, and a range of other skills. They use tools like programming languages, frameworks, Git, database management systems, and more.

A full stack programmer job description

Based on the job descriptions posted by the top recruiters, here is a brief overview of the requirements and responsibilities you would expect as a full stack programmer:

  • You need functional knowledge of the in-demand programming languages, frameworks, libraries, APIs, and databases. The ability to write clean, efficient, and well-documented code for both front-end and back-end is essential. 
  • Experience in working with the most common stacks like MERN stack is a significant advantage. Here is a course that could help you get the hang of MERN in just 4 months. 
  • Familiarity with Agile methodology will make your profile more attractive.
  • You would be required to build highly scalable solutions, optimized for maximum speed, high performance, and positive user experience.
  • You must have the ability to troubleshoot and debug issues for seamless and cross-device functionality. 
  • A qualified full stack developer usually has end-to-end ownership of projects.

Eligibility Criteria

When it comes to the eligibility criteria, recruiters look for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering or related fields. Even if you don’t meet the educational requirements, you can still become a successful developer with the right full stack development course. Recruiters are more concerned about whether their developers are well-versed in core skills like programming, software development, and designing.

Apart from this, recruiters look for certain soft skills in their full stack developers:

  • Problem-solving skills: As full stack developers, you would routinely deal with bugs and other issues that require troubleshooting, aside from the usual challenges that arise when working on a project.
  • Eye for details: As full stack developers principally work on codes that determine the accuracy and quality of their projects, a detail-oriented nature is something recruiters look out for. 
  • Communication and collaboration: A full stack developer regularly interacts with the teams on one side and the clients on the other. Hence, recruiters require that you have solid communication skills. Being able to clearly convey ideas and actively listen to client requirements is vital for a successful full stack development career.
  • Adaptability: Full stack development is a career in a very dynamic technology environment. Tools and frameworks that are the standards today may be replaced by newer and better tools and frameworks. Hence, you need to adapt to stay up to date. 
  • Creativity: Design is an important part of making websites and apps look visually appealing apart from being intuitive. And creative full stack developer not only means great-looking sites and apps, but also more efficient ways of getting the job done.

Why choose full stack development as a career?

  • High earning potential: According to Glassdoor, the base pay range of full stack developers is ₹4 to 10 LPA. Meaning, as a full stack developer in India you can expect to earn ₹7 LPA on average. The package could go as high as ₹16 LPA for experienced developers. In fact, recruiters are ready to pay more for full stack developers than for front-end or back-end developers. Some of the top-paying companies include IBM (₹8.5 LPA), Google, and Accenture (both pay ₹6 LPA). 
  • Versatility and flexibility in career: Full stack developers can handle any and all aspects of a given project, making them highly valued assets for companies. Since full stack developers possess the entire range of skills, they have many career options to choose from. They can choose to be involved in the entire lifecycle of the project or just on the front-end or back-end side of things. Their large set of skills opens doors to freelance, consulting, and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Sustainable market demand: Recruiters are always on the lookout for talented full stack developers. Companies like Google, Accenture, IBM, and TCS are some of the top hirers of full stack developers in India. Apart from this, as more and more companies are adopting digital technologies, businesses in every sector are looking for developers who can build visually appealing and technically sound apps and websites. This means that full stack developers enjoy more career security than others in their field. Also, according to HackerRack’s Developer Skills Report, full stack developers are the most sought-after professionals in the field, followed by back end developers, data scientists, and front-end developers.
  • Rapid career advancement: Full stack developers have a high career growth potential. They are more likely to take on leadership roles. After just 3 to 5 years, a junior full stack developer could progress to senior roles involving independent handling of entire projects. Professionals could expect to advance to director and eventually, CTO (chief technical officer) with the right skills and career strategy. This is because of their big-picture view of the project at hand.
  • More control over projects: Given their level of contribution to each project, companies give their full stack developers more control over the product. This lets the developers try out new ideas, build better career portfolios, and enjoy greater job satisfaction. While full stack developers enjoy creative flexibility over their projects, they also collaborate with other professionals like designers, engineers, managers, etc.

In conclusion, full stack development is a top choice for students seeking a career that allows them to use their technical skills and expression of their creativity. It is a career choice with competitive salaries, strong job security, and fast career growth potential. It could open up opportunities to work with top names like IBM and Google, as well as the possibility of opening your own tech startup.

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