Fast track your career with SAP training & Certification.

In today's uncertain economy, it's more important to stand out from the crowd. Gain a competitive edge in the job market by building SAP software skills and get certified on the latest SAP technologies.

Whether you're a Graduate, or Working professional looking to connect your pupils to latest technology resources, you'll find a wealth of programs to help you succeed.

Why KGM for SAP training

KGiSL MicroCollege(KGM) envisions in bridging the gap abyss between skilled resources and the talent-hungry job market by empowering the youth in emerging technologies and life skills required to transform them into career-ready professionals. The Sap ecosystem requires more trained SAP professionals to keep pace with the demand of skilled manpower in SAP consulting.

With years of unrivaled industry experience in delivering SAP services, we believe in providing advanced knowledge and skills to our candidates. We understand how swiftly the SAP® market is evolving and their future direction.

Ambience Energizing and Inspiring

Our training center is designed to provide stimulating learning atmosphere, in a stylish and contemporary setting. We have all set in a comfortable, convenient, serene environment that is eminently conducive to learning where you can pursue your SAP Training & certification.

Latest Teaching Technology

Our advanced training facilities & latest teaching methodology ensures that the candidates learn SAP® more effectively without worrying about the network speed, connectivity issues, voice breaks or delays.

Quality of Teaching

KGM ensures highest quality of service delivery; we are KGISL GROUP COMPANIES SAP IT Implementing partner and also a training partner. We offer training for all the modules in their latest standard versions.

KGM- SAP Training Mode

  • 160 hours of instructor-led training
  • 12 months of SAP E-learning hub access
  • 60 Hour SAP live server access
  • 2 attempts of SAP global certification
  • KGiSL MicroCollege certification
  • Training by SAP Industry professionals
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Flexible and holistic learning

Frequently Asked Questions

SAP is a software, and its abbreviation is Systems, Applications & Products in the data processing. A German Company launched this SAP software, and initially, it was called System Analysis Program Development. Many of us are unclear
about the pronunciation, it is how we need to pronounce – S…A…P. The company successfully made a mark in 180 countries, including small and medium-sized.

In 1972, five entrepreneurs in Germany had a vision for the business potential of technology. Starting with one customer and a handful of employees, SAP set out on a path that would not only transform the world of information
technology, but also forever alter the way companies do business. Now 50 years and approximately 375,000 customers stronger, more than ever, SAP is fueled by the pioneering spirit that inspired its founders to continually transform the
IT industry.

SAP used for:

As discussed earlier, it provides software and business solutions for companies. SAP does the integration of the core functions of the company. SAP is not limited to any one of the areas of the functioning systems of a company, so it
has its mark in all areas such as finance, human resource, sales, marketing, production, material management, and what not. SAP enables companies to accelerate the data from one functional area to another and brings it under one

The data of all these branches in a company is effectively automated and kept ready for employers, clients, and customer usage. In due course, it leads to data flow for the company. SAP sells ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software
to companies to streamline and centralize the data. SAP provides optimized solutions and cloud computing options for companies.

According to current statistics, the user base of SAP as a tool is global-wide. Every 9 out of 10 companies are using the SAP tool for the automation of the data, the usage of the SAP tool is not limited only to IT companies, but in other fields too

List of fields using SAP:

  • Automotive companies
  • Oil and Gas companies
  • Consumer Product companies
  • Engineering, construction, and operating companies.
  • Healthcare companies & Pharmacy,
  • Industrial machinery and components
  • Telecommunications.
  • Defence.
  • Automakers.
  • Media, and entertainment etc… .

For a company, to enable better organization and integration of the data, Cloud computing is one of the options and SAP is offering cloud computing.
The SAP has been changing its directions constantly and reaching its desired goals.
With the help of SAP professionals, companies can attain a smooth workflow.

An old saying, ‘If you dream of having a beautiful future, you need to work hard.
Let us change the saying a bit– You need to work smart, not hard’. If you are among the ones with the desire to lead a beautiful and secure future, choosing the track to run a race wisely in this fast-growing technological world is an ideal way.
Track SAP is the best option for you to run the race.

SAP Career Benefits

  • Globally accepted SAP certificate – leading to international opportunities.
  • Increases and improves employability options due to wider SAP eco-system of employers
  • Helps in value addition to existing portfolio
  • Helps to articulate how ERP technology supports a business and addresses key business needs
  • Overseas career opportunities & salaries
  • Aids to perform key business processes, understands integration points and key control of SAP

If you get trained either the entire SAP skills or in a specific area, you will have opportunities to work –

Programming Software can be learned through various courses available both online and offline. While choosing a course keep in mind the following must-knows to look for:

  • SAP consultant
  • SAP FICO consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • SAP HANA architect.
  • SAP trainer
  • SAP engineer
  • SAP HANA architect.
  • System engineer.
  • Business process analyst.
  • Implementation consultant
  • SAP ABAP developer.
  • SAP ABAP consultant.
  • SAP project manager.
  • SAP BASIS administrator.
  • SAP SD consultant
  • SAP procurement specialist.

SAP is not a single page that has few concepts and can cover within hours or days. In general, SAP has various software components and they are called modules.
SAP has two fundamental modules, and further, it has sub-modules focusing on both functional and technical areas.
Train to become a Software Developer in 5 simple steps:

  • The functional module aims at learning to manage finance, human resource, supply management, production, and sales.
  • The technical module aims at technicalities such as programming, application development, troubleshooting, tool development, testing, and maintenance.

As always said, the required skills and the certification help you climb the career ladder easily and quickly compared to a person without them.

There are almost 150 certification courses available in the market. Based on the type of industry that you wish to enter, or based on the type of job you want to do you have to select the course.

If you wish to work as a SAP consultant, you must complete the SAP Global Certification. The job position requires you to acquaint knowledge and skills in order to help the company across areas.