Frequently Asked Questions

KGiSL MicroCollege or KGM offers bootcamp training in micro industry-driven courses to empower the youth in emerging technologies and life skills required to transform them into career-ready professionals.

The medium of instruction at KGM is English. All the lectures, materials and assignments will be in English. As part of the training, we also help develop your verbal and written communication skills to help improve your employability prospects.

Yes, KGM provides placement assistance throughout the course.

We follow a bootcamp model of training for all the courses which are most effective when delivered on campus. Every student at KGM is put through a rigorous training regime that integrates attaining hard skills with developing interpersonal skills through emotional intelligence.

Yes. We provide 0 interest, student-friendly loan options

It is not compulsory to opt for the first job that you're offered. We will refer you for the positions based on your performance and interest. You will be given upto 5 interview opportunities that you can opt to sit for before taking up a job.